Learn about ConsultLoop for Patients

What is ConsultLoop?

ConsultLoop is improving how your doctor refers you to specialists by shortening wait times, tracking referrals and keeping you in the loop. Follow along the status of your referral by clicking the button below, and let us know of any thoughts of suggestions on how we can help patients even more.

What is ConsultLoop?

ConsultLoop is an online referral service that helps family doctors find the right specialist for you — sometimes this means the closest doctor to where you work, a specialist who focuses on a specific medical condition, or sometimes the fastest specialist at a nearby hospital.

ConsultLoop also helps track your referral so that the family doctor, the specialist, and most importantly you know the status of your referral and the referral does not get lost.

Who is behind ConsultLoop?

ConsultLoop was started by three Toronto-based family doctors. The idea came to us after seeing too many of our patients not only frustrated by the current referral process, but also put in danger due to lost referrals. We knew there had to be a better way. As we developed our idea we found that there was a big need for a directory of specialists with the information patients and doctors want to know when deciding who to refer a patient to – wait times, location, clinical focus info and language.

You can read about more about us here.

Why did I get an email from ConsultLoop?

ConsultLoop sent you an email so that you can stay updated with the status of your referral from your family doctor to a specialist, and check the time and date of your appointment as well as the specialist’s clinic location and contact details.

We will never email you any solicitations/advertisements or share your contact information with any other groups. 

We may occasionally email to ask you feedback about ConsultLoop, so that we can continue to make ConsultLoop as simple and useful for you as possible.

When I try to check my appointment details, why does it ask for my Health ID Number?

For privacy reasons, we cannot display any information about your referral or appointment without first confirming your identity.

We do this by asking for your Health ID Number. In Ontario, this is the 10 numbers on your Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card. If you are from another province, this ID number will be the health card number from that province.

If you do not have a health card from a Canadian province, this Health ID Number will be provided to you by your referring doctor’s clinic.

What happens if I can’t attend the appointment time assigned to me?

If this happens, please call the specialist directly to change your appointment time. You can find the contact details for the specialist by checking your appointment information online.

What if I am not happy with the specialist that was chosen for me?

The specialist was selected by your referring provider and their clinic. This choice was carefully made based on a variety of factors including location, wait time, and expertise. If you believe there has been an error in the selection process please directly contact the doctor’s office that made the referral.

Is my health information secure?

We take the privacy of your health information very seriously at ConsultLoop and have multiple features to ensure your information’s security. We do not let ConsultLoop users see your personal health information unless they are directly involved in your care.  ConsultLoop has been built to abide by all statutes governing Health Information Network Providers, as part of Ontario’s eHealth / PHIPA  legislation and utilizes current healthcare industry security standards.

ConsultLoop helps your family doctor refer you to specialists with an e-referral. An e-referral replaces the old fax system where many referrals would get lost, and allows you to keep track of the appointment as there are updates. Furthermore, ConsultLoop’s directory of 5000 Ontario specialists, their wait times and clinical focus information helps to connect you to the right specialist within a reasonable amount of time.

ConsultLoop was started by three family doctors in Toronto, and we look forward to any feedback or thoughts on how we can help patients even more.