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ConsultLoop is improving how your doctor refers you to specialists by shortening wait times, tracking referrals and keeping you in the loop.

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Make sure you are entering your health card number that you were registered with (OHIP card, IFH number, etc). Only enter the digits, without spaces, dashes or letters.

According to PHIPA and other privacy regulations in Ontario, referral information is considered personal health information. As such, we need to know you are the right person, and so we implemented this two-factor authentication process. Your unique referral number and health card are chosen because they ensure that only you can view your referral information.

Unfortunately you will have to rebook your appointment directly with the specialist. You can find their contact information on the bottom right of the page once you log in. On this page, you can also update us about the new time so your family doctor’s office can be kept in the loop.

When a referral is sent through ConsultLoop, we ensure that it is received by the specialist’s clinic, and follow up with multiple touchpoints if it’s been more than two weeks since if was sent. This makes sure that you get an appointment sooner.

This means that we are still waiting for the specialist’s office to triage and book your appointment. Our data shows it takes an average of two weeks. This is why we follow up with the specialist to ensure they are working on your referral and will get you an appointment shortly.

If you don’t see an answer to your question here, simply send us an email with your referral number in the subject line or visit our FAQ page.

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Did you know?

With usual faxing, as many as 21% of referrals get “lost”. ConsultLoop makes sure that doesn’t happen to you.

What is Consult Loop all about?

ConsultLoop helps your family doctor refer you to specialists with an e-referral. An e-referral replaces the old fax system where many referrals would get lost, and allows you to keep track of the appointment as there are updates. Furthermore, ConsultLoop’s directory of 5000 Ontario specialists, their wait times and clinical focus information helps to connect you to the right specialist within a reasonable amount of time.

ConsultLoop was started by three family doctors in Toronto, and we look forward to any feedback or thoughts on how we can help patients even more.