1. Who pays for this?

After a trial period, physicians using ConsultLoop pay for the practice management elements of our platform, which include a rich specialist directory, a simplified referral transmission process, one-­?click accept & schedule for specialists, and an automated clinic and patient notification system. We do not charge physicians or clinics on a per-­? referral basis

2 . How does ConsultLoop choose which specialists are listed in your directory?

The specialists on the platform either requested to be listed, have been requested by a family doctor that they be listed, or were available to respond to our data collection efforts in  a meaningful way. All specialists with a currently active license in Ontario can be listed on the ConsultLoop platform.Specialists are not required to enter into any specific contract  or agreement with ConsultLoop or make any payments to ConsultLoop to be listed on the platform, or to continue to receive referrals via fax from referring physicians who are using  the ConsultLoop platform.

3 . Can referring clinicians refer to the same specialists that they currently use?

Yes, absolutely. We don’t intend to undermine existing referral networks, and so we happily add any specialists who aren’t already listed on our platform, as requested. If you are a specialist and would like to be listed on our platform (or if you want to see a specific specialist included), please contact us directly.

4. Does this let patients “skip the queue” or get faster access?

ConsultLoop does not permit any patients or providers to get preferential access to specialist treatment,and this is explicitly noted in our service agreements with clinics. However,  our rich directory does put the best information in the hands of referring clinicians-­?-­?so that they can find quickest appointment for heir patient if desired. These appointments are already “out there”, but can be extremely hard for busy clinicians to discover and keep track of

5. Does ConsultLoop choose where referrals go?

No! We do not choose the destination of a referral. This choice is the sole discretion of the referringclinic and physician to be made in their best professional judgement. While we provide further details(such as waittime, practice details, location information, language proficiency and scope of practice) to help inform the referral decision, the final decision is always theirs.

6. How does ConsultLoop protect patient privacy?

We receive personal health information only from clinics with whom we have entered into an information-­?sharing agreement, for the purposes of transmitting this same information to a specialist clinic. We do not share this information with any other parties. Our platform has been built to abide by all statutes governing Health Information Network Providers, as part of Ontario’s eHealth / PHIPA  legislation and utilizes current healthcare industry security standards.