ConsultLoop E-Referrals

The smarter way to send and receive referrals


ConsultLoop was created by family doctors to fix the referral process without disrupting your clinic’s day-to-day workflow.

Empower your clinic and patients to compare up-to-date wait times, find the right specialist, track referrals and automate patient notification, all for better care.

For most clinics, 65% of patients confirm appointments electronically
Specialists and family doctors credit Consultloop with reducing no-shows
Using the Consultloop Directory, less then 1% of referrals are declined by the specialist
The Consultloop tracking dashboard eliminates lost referrals

For Family Doctors

Largest Directory

Our growing network of 5000 specialists makes it easy to find the right expert with the right up-to-date wait time.

Better process

Our tracking helps ensure patients’ referrals don’t get lost while our closed-loop automated notifications keep them informed.

Save Time

Time spent managing referrals, especially lost referrals, is wasted time you could be spending caring for your patients.

For Specialists

Appropriate Referrals

List your clinical focus to make it easy for family doctors to send you referrals within your scope-of-practice.

Simpler Communication

View all referral documents in one place and reply to referring clinics within ConsultLoop – without faxes or phone calls.

Reduce No-Shows

Patients are emailed appointment information and reminders, and can “confirm” it so you know they are coming for their visit.


Create referrals as you normally do and send them to our platform, from any EMR or by fax.


We look forward to talking to you about your clinic and for you to join our growing network


  • ZK, Family Doctor, Toronto

    I really appreciate how ConsultLoop allows my patient to be efficiently updated with respect to specialist appointments.
  • FA, Family Doctor Administrator, Toronto

    As an appointment clerk, ConsultLoop helps me to keep track of my referrals and it helps me choose the right specialist. The option to inform the patient via email is a plus too!
  • JL, Family Doctor, Scarborough

    ConsultLoop has been great, easy to use both for myself and my staff members.  Its important because, in my office, patients can come from far and near: downtown, Richmond Hill, Oshawa, or North York.  It allows me to find the closest referral for that particular patients home location.  Furthermore, I've been frustrated in having referrals bounce back to me because of a specialist not doing particular tests, age groups, or anatomies in the case of surgery.  Consult loop provides all this information in their online specialist profiles.