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  • JC, Family Doctor Administrator, Toronto

    I find this program very user friendly - love it!
  • KP, Administrator, ENT Clinic, Toronto

    ConsultLoop is for doctors and patients that live in the 21st century and want to take advantage of the technological possibilities we have.
  • FD, Family Doctor, Toronto

    As a new physician to the area, ConsultLoop has been incredibly useful to identify the best specialist match for my patient's medical issues.
  • ZK, Family Doctor, Toronto

    I really appreciate how ConsultLoop allows my patient to be efficiently updated with respect to specialist appointments.
  • FA, Family Doctor Administrator, Toronto

    As an appointment clerk, ConsultLoop helps me to keep track of my referrals and it helps me choose the right specialist. The option to inform the patient via email is a plus too!
  • JL, Family Doctor, Scarborough

    ConsultLoop has been great, easy to use both for myself and my staff members.  Its important because, in my office, patients can come from far and near: downtown, Richmond Hill, Oshawa, or North York.  It allows me to find the closest referral for that particular patients home location.  Furthermore, I've been frustrated in having referrals bounce back to me because of a specialist not doing particular tests, age groups, or anatomies in the case of surgery.  Consult loop provides all this information in their online specialist profiles.