Directory Management & Wait Time Surveillance

The data to know, act and improve.

“Health care system improvement” begins with data that is comprehensive and has good quality methods behind it. We provide a current, up-to-date inventory of the providers and resources available to the community, and track access and wait times at a granular level.

The ConsultLoop Directory

We have deep experience building Ontario’s largest specialist directory of over 2,000 specialists. The ConsultLoop directory was specifically designed for use at the point of care by physicians and administrators as they help patients access the right specialty care for them. Our listings improve access though wait time comparisons, clinical scope of practice information, language and location information. Powered by our robust search and filtering capabilities, our directory can be used to find the right provider for a particular patient and their priorities.


ConsultLoop Wait Time Surveillance

Our wait time surveillance is the most advanced methodology for capturing wait 1. We collect twelve data points for each individual referral, forming the basis for sophisticated metrics on access, system responsiveness and capacity. ConsultLoop can help develop cohorts of providers and track key metrics – the first step to addressing community needs.

Specialists in Toronto

Let us collaborate with you on developing a local directory and wait time surveillance process. The first step to health system improvement is data insight, and it’s a step we can help you take.


We look forward to talking to you about your clinic and for you to join our growing network